Smith Chapel Food & Clothing Mission

About Our Cause
In lieu of the Annual Minnie McKinley Memorial Golf Tournament that ended in 2019, due to Covid-19, and lack of volunteers. I have created this fundraiser to continue to support and raise money any way that I can to benefit the Smith Chapel Food & Clothing Mission in memory of my late Mother & Father, Roy & Minnie McKinley. Smith Chapel FCM is a Non Profit Organization located in Logan Ohio. The call to help others began in hearts of Dannie and Jane Devol, members of Smith Chapel United Methodist Church. As word spread, and the community stepped in to help, the pantry expanded to its location of 1333 East Front Street where it is located today. By 2012 our Non Profit Organization was serving thousands of families in Hocking County. The Thrift Store opened and was operated by Jane Devol to used profits to purchase food, and cover operating expenses such as utilities. All work was, and still is 100% volunteer based. Smith Chapel FCM has seen many changes, good times and bad, and has stayed strong for their community! It is a place to go to for food boxes, clothes, infant needs, household items, and coffee and a smile! We help because we care! ...
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About Organization
Organization Name Smith Chapel Food & Clothing Mission
Chairpersons Name Julie Phillips

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Hardy means they should return next year in the zones listed without having to do anything to them. While some items such as Gladiolus are indicated with higher hardiness zones (7-9), these items could also be planted in colder zones, but would need to be dug up in the fall and stored indoors for the winter. So, all Flower Power items will grow virtually anywhere in North America, but they will only return in the zones listed.

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Use the color coded map to determine which zone you are located in. If your zone is listed as a "hardiness zone" for any of the products you can rest assured that they will be a perennial in your area. You can enjoy these blooms year after year! If your zone is listed as suitable but not hardy, these products will grow beautifully this summer in your garden, but may not survive the harsh winter.

Are There Planting Instructions?

Once you receive your order, you will be pleased to find that each item you purchased comes with a full color label that provides you with all the information you need to have success in the garden. Each label contains a bar code, the bulb size, plant height, proper spacing, where to plant, plus other features that will assist your customers in growing a beautiful bulb garden!

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