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Important Dates:

Fall Program
  • All Fall website orders due by Oct. 15th
Holiday Program
  • Last day to order Holiday supplies: Oct. 15th
  • All Holiday brochure orders due by Nov. 15th
  • All Holiday website orders due by Dec. 15th
  • Orders by Dec. 1st will ship in time for Christmas
Spring Program
  • Spring supplies for the Basic Plan available Dec. 1st thru March 1st
  • All Spring brochure orders due by April 1st
  • All Spring website orders due by May 15th

Fall Program

  • Our Fall Program contains the best quality Fall Planted Bulbs including Tulips, Daffodils, Allium and more! You can download the following documents and marketing materials for your upcoming or current Fall fundraiser.
  • •  2023 All Season INFO Booklet
  • •  Fall Brochure & Order Form BASIC Plan
  • •  Fall Master Order Form BASIC Plan
  • •  Fall Chairperson Packet BASIC Plan
  • •  Fall Chairperson Packet PREMIUM Plan
  • •  4" x 6" Fall Postcard
  • •  8.5" x 11" Fall Poster
  • •  11" x 17" Fall Poster
    Brochures and Order Forms, Master order ships free to your organization—Tally all your orders onto a master order form and return to us with the payment due (50%, and you keep your 50%.) We then ship all the orders to you free of charge for distribution. This plan has beautiful bulbs, roots and seeds for your customers to plant and enjoy. (Please note: The Premium Plan below has different and many more items available for sale.) If you choose the Basic Plan, we will send you brochures and order forms free of charge. Each full color brochure includes beautiful photographs, descriptions, and pricing for each item available. Our order forms are simple and clear. Your sellers complete the information on the form and return them to you as the Chairperson.
    Personalized website for your organization—Direct your customers to your personalized online Fundraising site by promoting your site on social media, school newsletter, email, etc. and sit back and watch the sales come in. We create the site for you free of charge, ship the orders directly to your customers for a $6.99 shipping fee (paid by the customer), and send you a check for 50% of the sales when your online site closes. Each plan is simple to run, but we must admit the online program is the least amount of work with no money collecting or distribution of product at the end. Remember we ship directly to your customer! Our Premium Plan has over 60 items to choose from!

Holiday Program

Spring Program