Help & FAQs

Help & FAQs

Important Dates:

Fall Program
  • All Fall website orders due by Oct. 15th
Holiday Program
  • Last day to order Holiday supplies: Oct. 15th
  • All Holiday paper orders due by Nov. 15th
  • All Holiday website orders due by Nov. 30th
Spring Program
  • Last day to order Spring supplies: Apr. 15th
  • All Spring paper orders due by May 1st
  • All Spring website orders due by May 15th

Do I have to be part of a non-profit organization to fundraise?

  • No, we accept individuals or groups and have no order minimums. However, if you are selling via one of our personalized websites, either a Business Tax-id or a Personal Tax-id is required.

When will my order ship?

  • Spring orders start shipping the last week of March, we start shipping to the warmer climates first, and will hold orders going to cold climates if you are having an exceptionally cold spring.
  • Fall orders begin shipping the end of September and we ship to the northern/colder climates first, to assure everyone gets their bulbs planted before the ground begins to freeze.
  • Holiday orders begin shipping Early October, and all Holiday orders will be shipped by December 1, with plenty of time for gift giving.

What does hardy zone mean?

  • Hardy means they should return next year in the zones listed without having to do anything to them. While some items such as Gladiolus are indicated with higher hardiness zones (7-9), these items could also be planted in colder zones, but would need to be dug up in the fall and stored indoors for the winter. So, all Flower Power items will grow virtually anywhere in North America, but they will only return in the zones listed.

How do I keep pests (rodents and deer) from disturbing my bulbs and their blooms?

  • One of the best ways to keep pests away from digging up bulbs is to lay down chicken wire over the area you are planting the bulbs and cover it with soil. The holes on the chicken wire are big enough that the bulb can still emerge through. To keep pests away from eating blooms we recommend spraying the area with a repellent spray. This can be effective for up to 2 weeks even through rain. You can also use dried blood sprinkled in the soil and the area to keep pests away.

I see that most of your perennials are listed as plant starts or bare roots. What does that mean?

  • A bare root perennial is a part of the root that was harvested from a perennial in its dormant state. Plant starts are similar but will mostly likely already be showing green growth coming from the it’s root system. Both plant starts and bare roots should be planted in spring while they are still dormant or in the early phases of growth. It is very important to plant all our items as soon as possible after receiving them.

If I don’t get a chance to plant my bulbs in the appropriate season can I save them for the following year?

  • Flower bulbs are the most successful when they are plant during the same harvest season. It is not recommended that you attempt to store bulbs for the following year. If there is a reason that you cannot plant the bulbs in the same season, they should be chilled by placing them in the refrigerator or basement, or they should be planted as soon as possible depending on the variety of bulb and season. For example, if you purchase a fall planted bulb and the ground is already frozen, they should be placed in the refrigerator in a paper bag and then planted in the spring. For spring planted bulbs, if left unplanted, they should be planted as soon as possible in the summer season. Even though it may not bloom the same year, it may return the next year. However, our grow guarantee is not valid if not planted the same season you purchased them.

My tracking number shows my package was delivered but I never got it. What do I do?

  • Here at Flower Power, we do provide tracking information to your email address once an order ships to give you a better idea when the package will arrive. If the tracking number provided indicates an order was delivered with proof of delivery and the package is missing, you will need to contact the carrier that delivered your package to file a claim. Please have your tracking number available when contacting the carrier. If the tracking information provided indicates your order is undeliverable or lost in transit, please contact our customer service department. We will further investigate the situation for you and do our best to find a solution for you.