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Restoration Community Church Women’s Ministry is holding a fundraiser in efforts to raise money for the audio/visual equipment and church beautification. Purchase your choice of bulbs and seeds now, plant them in the Fall and see beautiful blooms come Spring.
Wickliffe Elementary and Middle School PTOs support students and staff at our schools with funds raised throughout the year. Our fundraisers subsidize supplies, equipment, social events and school assemblies as well as field trips and year end celebrations. Please help us continue to provide the many experiences that enrich the children of WES and WMS and the support that benefits the students, families and staff of our schools.
Bushnell, Florida
Thank you for contributing to the success of Troop 439. Our boys are grateful for your consideration in helping raise funds for camping, supplies, outings, and so much more.
The Buster Foundation is an ALL volunteer non profit group, proud to be a part of the successful rescue, rehabilitation and responsible rehoming of Pit Bull type and bully breed dogs. We have recently expanded our efforts to include Mastiff and guardian breeds as well due to a massive increase in their popularity. 2020 hit our all volunteer rescue especially hard with losing all of our in person fundraisers, some of which would have r...
We are raising funds to support several projects. We provide a scholarship to a CHS senior, support two GFWC Indiana scholarships for music and art, support Operation Smile, the USO, Riley Hospital for Children, the Fayette County Humane Society and Genesis, the local program to serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Thank you for reading about our fundraiser partnering with Flower Power for the Vision Warriors Vision Walk team for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We have a family member dealing with a retinal disease called Stargardt's Disease and are being active in trying to raise money to assist in finding a cure or treatment to slow down and reverse retinal damages. We hope you will take a look at the products being offered here. Thank you
SERENDIPITTYS HAS PARTNERED WITH FLOWER POWER FOR OUR “FUR FLOWERS” FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS. SERENDIPITTYS WILL RECEIVE 50% of EVERY PURCHASE!! Seasonal campaigns (3) will be available all year long with the convenience of having our very own “FUR FLOWERS” website for online ordering and exploring! Each purchase supports two great causes, ANIMAL RESCUE/WELFARE & OUR ENVIRONMENT. SERENDIPITTYS will receive 50% of ALL orders placed...
These beautiful flowers will help beautiful adults or children in crisis that are disadvantage Physical or Emotionally by giving a sense of purpose.The funding will go to their programs & therapies and offer a way to purchase their extra needs and reach some of their Dreams of being Wild and Free & Colorful like a flower!
Friends and Families Muscular Disorders Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to increases the quality of life and independence of children and adults with any type of neuromuscular disorders, MD, CP, Lupus, MS, ALS,Parkinson plus over 100 other disorders/diseases well as empowers their families, through advocacy, education, and medical financial assistance through out New York State. We are a one hundred percent...
Stedman, North Carolina
Fresh Joy is a project that my son and I are doing to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to our community which is a fresh food desert. The goal is to get the necessary truck, tent, scales, and supplies needed to start the community market this growing season.
Before our 2022 Seniors embark on their adult adventure of life, college, and or career, we want to give them a safe(drug and alcohol free) night of food, fun, gifts, and prizes to help them have some of what they need to be successful. A purchase with this Flower Power Fundraiser would help us put on a safe and exciting party for our Seniors of 2022. We appreciate your support and look forward to an awesome event for our 2022 Seniors!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Since we can't hold in-person fundraising events at this time, we hope you will participate in this one! We are still taking in rabbits in need and doing adoptions, so we still need your support to help the buns. Buy some beautiful garden goodies to plant in April and enjoy in the summer and fall!
WhistleBritches Farm & Gardens, LLC undergirds The STARR! (Supporters of Trauma Awareness (understand the) Reality, (engage the) Resources) Community. The STARR! Community hosts discussions and events that bring awareness to the importance of recognizing and processing trauma. We provide safe space to share experiences and resources. While The STARR Community does not provide counseling, we maintain a list of community resources and...
5th Grade students at Foskett Ranch Elementary have the opportunity to participate in science camp at the Pacific Environmental Education Center located within the MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg, CA. This four day enrichment program helps students have a greater appreciate for nature and make lasting memories. Money raised will help pay for transportation and required nurse.
Hello mothers! Please support the spring flower fundraiser of MCCNJ! MCCNJ is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a diverse group of mothers. Founded in 1978, we strive to build and foster a community of support and empowerment for all moms . Our members include stay at home moms, working moms, single moms, moms of multiples, new moms, and experienced moms. Your support will allow us to continue to offer...
Help support your local area library and give your space some color with these beautiful flowers!
Ellsworth United Methodist Church, which welcomes both residents and travelers, is located in Ellsworth Maine, the gateway to the Downeast and Acadia regions. Each year we engage in various fundraisers to support our outreach for people in need and for maintenance of our 85 year old building. Our fall fundraiser has just begun. Join us in selecting bulbs to plant this fall for spring flowers to brighten our homes and lives. Thank y...
Kiwanis is a service organization especially for youth, and during Covid it has been extremely difficult to fundraise. Therefore this bulb sale project would help us raise funds to support our youth Service Leadership programs (we co-sponsor 3 of them); a book project; a bed building project; and other.

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