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The purpose of this fundraising is to support rehome, repopulate, and safely rehabilitate the honey bee population. It’s very important for everyone to be educated, and aware of how important it is to protect the species. It is important for everyone to know that they are endangered, and if there is a swarm of honeybees, just happen to find themselves trapping you in your house it’s very important, not to freak out, and it’s very important not to try to kill them. Most of the times these hives do not even attack they don’t even sting because when they sting they die it’s very important for for everyone to be educated and know who to call to remove these animals from harms way safely. I want to be one of them biggest supporters of honeybees. I want to be the person that comes out and safely re-moved them from your yard whenever they found themselves scared and grouped in a swarm looking for their Queen. I want to be so educated on them and I want to learn everything there possibly is to know about them. I wanna make sure that before I die that is the one good thing that I was able to get back to the world. I also think it’s very important that people realize that the bees food supply changes by the season some more bees are going to be attracted to sugary drinks in the trashcan in the winter because they’re gonna be hungry. It’s very important to wash the sugary substance out of your cup and I know that sounds impractical, but we have to figure out something to do because 25 honeybees going into each trash bag to get the sugary substance is the reason why we are declining at it at a extremely scary rate that’s also why the food cost is so high rent is so high, and it’s really tearing this planet apart. Please help me stand up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. They do so much for us one out of every three bites of food is attributed to the honeybees. ...
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Group Name BizzyBeez
Chairpersons Name Benny

Help & FAQ's

What Does Hardy Zone Mean?

Hardy means they should return next year in the zones listed without having to do anything to them. While some items such as Gladiolus are indicated with higher hardiness zones (7-9), these items could also be planted in colder zones, but would need to be dug up in the fall and stored indoors for the winter. So, all Flower Power items will grow virtually anywhere in North America, but they will only return in the zones listed.

How Do I Find My Zone?

Use the color coded map to determine which zone you are located in. If your zone is listed as a "hardiness zone" for any of the products you can rest assured that they will be a perennial in your area. You can enjoy these blooms year after year! If your zone is listed as suitable but not hardy, these products will grow beautifully this summer in your garden, but may not survive the harsh winter.

Are There Planting Instructions?

Once you receive your order, you will be pleased to find that each item you purchased comes with a full color label that provides you with all the information you need to have success in the garden. Each label contains a bar code, the bulb size, plant height, proper spacing, where to plant, plus other features that will assist your customers in growing a beautiful bulb garden!

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Shipping Policy

Spring Bulb Shipping Schedule: Orders begin shipping April 1st, and we begin with the warmest states first. We will do our best to ship orders as fast as possible.

Fall Bulb Shipping Schedule: Orders begin shipping the very end of September and we begin shipping to the coldest states first. We will do our best to ship orders as fast as possible.

Holiday Bulb Shipping Schedule: We will begin shipping holiday orders mid-November, in the order they are received. All orders placed by December 1st, will arrive in time for gift giving for the holiday season.

Shipping Fees: $6.99 flat shipping fee on any size order.

*Sorry, we currently do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Seller Account Notes

You can shop with absolute confidence when selecting bulbs from Flower Power Fundraising. All our products are 100% guaranteed to grow. If you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to send a replacement to you.

Please contact us during the current growing season that you planted them. If we are past the planting time for your particular item, you will be sent a replacement the following year when it is back in stock.

Please remember to plant your products as soon as you receive them. If you are not able to plant immediately, please store them in a cool dry location. Items not planted within a few weeks may not grow well.

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