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For boy scouts
Westside Suburban Mother's of Twins Club is a mutual Support group for mothers of multiples. We meet throughout the year with group events for children, families and parents. We also sponser a family of multiples in need for Christmas and Thanksgiving. In addition we donate to various charities near and dear to our hearts. Our club is very grateful for any and all support.
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Kitsap Sexual Assault Center has made a massive impact on my life. I was sexually abused by my cousin when I was eight years old and I reported the abuse when I was sixteen years old. I will always remember my advocate that sat in on every interview and was in the courtroom during my testimony. She was the only person in the room there to support me, and I will never forget her comforting me on the floor in the hallway of the courthouse...
Our mission as the Child Development Labs Parent Council is to promote family involvement in their child's socialization and education experience.
The School of MCB is fundraising to continue educating dancers of ALL ages and abilities in the best ways possible. We are so grateful for your support, and in these trying times, we turn to our amazing dance community to lift us up. 50% of all proceeds will go directly to the School of MCB, and we know you’ll be so pleased with this incredible selection of plants! Thank you for your support!
Please help support the class of 2023 with purchasing some exquisite flower bulbs. Students earn 50% profit on this fundraiser and it will hopefully fund our deposits for both junior and senior prom. In the current situation many families are struggling with basic needs let alone extras such as prom or class outing. These funds will help bring down the costs to everyone in the class of 2023, and make those memories a little more afforda...
Before our 2021 Seniors embark on their adult adventure of life, college, and or career, we want to give them a safe(drug and alcohol free) night of food, fun, gifts, and prizes to help them have some of what they need to be successful. A donation to our Silent Auction or a Money donation would help us put on a safe and exciting party for our Seniors of 2021. We appreciate your support and look forward to an awesome event for our 2021...
KVCS has been blessed with both protection and growth in this school year. This Spring sale is in celebration of that growth. proceeds will go towards the operating costs of the school.
Help support Grandma’s House of Central Oregon. We are an emergency and transitional shelter for pregnant and parenting young mothers between the ages of 15 and 24. Located in Bend since 1992, we are the only shelter of its kind east of the Cascades serving the needs of this fragile population. When a young, pregnant girl comes to Grandma’s House, she is, more often than not, homeless, hungry, sick, tired and scared. Here...
We are raising funds for all current graduating classes in the Northwestern School District. (2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024) We will be using funds to help pay for prom, class trips, and any other class expenses. It has been quite a different year for fundraising, and we are hoping a group community effort will aid the entire school. Thank you for your support!!
Ellsworth United Methodist Church, which welcomes both residents and travelers, is located in Ellsworth Maine, the gateway to the Downeast and Acadia regions. Each year we engage in various fundraisers to support our outreach for people in need and for maintenance of our 85 year old building. Since the Pandemic has curtailed our usual fundraising activities, we are now inviting you to join us in FLOWER POWER FUNDRAISING, a new venture...
We are raising funds for the Prom and Senior trip for the class of 2023
We are raising funds for playground and school ground improvements. This will help us make even more amazing opportunities for the kids this summer!
We are fundraising to care for injured, orphaned, and ill wild birds in the Keweenaw. Proceeds will go towards medications, food, caging and veterinary care for the birds. This is also a great opportunity to plant flowers that will provide food and shelter for birds as well as other pollinators such as bees and butterflies.
Bayside, New York
We are raising money for our students and school.
We need your help turning Lancaster Blue! Our goal is to reach as many Garden Spot area residents as possible, and we need to have the funds to do so. Some of our budget items this year are: Computer ink & paper, bulletin board supplies for each of our 16 precincts to be displayed on both the primary election and the general election days, post card and postage costs, thank you cards, meet and greet expenses, welcome packets for new co...
The cub scout pack 835 would like to extend our thanks to you for checking out our spring fundraiser! We are excited to offer these products just before mother's day and spring. All proceeds will directly benefit the boys in the pack for pack meetings, camping events and more!
REDDING, California
Sugar Free, Carb Free way to help Foothill Swine club members raise funds for shirts, scales, and banners to promote their hard work.

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