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Proceeds will help the Perry PTA contribute toward Student Activities, Student Appreciation and Teacher/Staff Appreciation.
Please support the Herkimer 7th grade class, Class of 2027, and bring joy to a loved one or friend, by purchasing a Holiday Bulb. A holiday bulb will be a great gift that will be enjoyed for months to come. Profits from this sale will benefit the 7th grade class as they continue through their middle school and high school career.
Thank you for your support during our past flower power fundraisers! Fall and Holiday Fundraiser. Summer is in full swing, but autumn is just around the corner and if you love to garden, you are already thinking about planting your fall bulbs. Let's help you plan to get next year's spring gardens blooming colorfully! Funds raised through this effort help us in our efforts including awarding educational scholarships we provide each ye...
Thank you for supporting the Lake Fenton High School Class of 2025! We are working to raise funds for spirit activities like homecoming and snowcoming as well as future goals like prom and graduation. We appreciate your help in reaching these goals!
Harwood Heights, Illinois
We would like to send some of our Women's Association Members to the FBWA Conference in Japan in 2023.
Profits will go toward students' individual accounts. Funds can be used for weekend retreats, events, and future summer mission trips.
The Bellevue High Class of 2022 Parent Booster Committee is hard at work planning the 2022 All-Night Senior Grad Party. This event provides the Seniors with an opportunity for a safe, drug and alcohol-free celebration with non-stop entertainment all night long. And it gives them one last chance to be together as a Class. The All-Night Senior Grad Party begins with organized bus transportation that takes the seniors to surprise destinati...
Our goal is to help middle to high school students in Cedarburg and other Ozaukee County communities develop meaningful relationships, establish teamwork and proper communication skills, be further educated, become leaders and grow in faith. The funds raised will help the group develop and implement additional educational and entertainment programs, purchase more resources and further grow the academic mentoring program and cafe.
Your support will help Love INC walk alongside individuals and families in crisis. You will improve the lives of your friends and neighbors. Neighbors such as Clare. Clare is a single mom of three children, 10, 15, and 17. She works hard every day to keep her family clothed, fed and safe. Along with so many, this past year has been difficult for her; her hours at her job have diminished. Clare recently found out that her daughter, M...
Founded in 2000, Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Joseph (FOTAS) exists to support all aspects of work done by City of St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue staff. This includes increasing animal adoption and redemption rates while minimizing the number of euthanized animals, educating our community and helping care for medical needs of sick and injured animals. FOTAS is currently in the midst of a capital campaign called "Wags to Wis...
The Holden Beach Beautification Club designs and plants the public gardens on the island and has a working relationship with the Town in creating and maintaining these projects.
Not only will this fundraising event support our Outdoor Playscape Initiative to rebuild our playgrounds, provide updated outdoor interactions for our children and additional education opportunities for all of our wonderful guides but it will make your yard the envy of the block.
Our goal is to raise funds which will benefit the programs we are sponsoring for our club. Our club has a theme which is Gardening To Thrive and the funds will allow us to continue to offer cost-free programs to the Community for children, millennials and seniors. These programs allow us to interest children in gardening, millennials in garden clubs and what the clubs have to offer and to bring socialization and blooming creations to...
Jeffco Sertoma Club exists for the noble purpose of SERvice TO MANkind by supporting speech and hearing programs and youth oriented activities in Jefferson County and the Denver area.
Rumney, New Hampshire
Rumney PTO is a non profit organization to help support the students and staff at Russell Elementary School. During non covid times we like to host fun events for the kids and their families. The PTO helps with purchase of uniforms, senior yearbooks, winter program, etc.
After a year filled with uncertainty, we are finally able to look toward the future. Your support in this fundraiser will help provide teachers with materials and resources, our school staff with needs, and our students with not only events throughout the year, but also the little extras that make school fun. Thank you for supporting Brookwood Elementary.
Ellsworth United Methodist Church, which welcomes both residents and travelers, is located in Ellsworth Maine, the gateway to the Downeast and Acadia regions. Each year we engage in various fundraisers to support our outreach for people in need and for maintenance of our 85 year old building. Our fall fundraiser has just begun. Join us in selecting bulbs to plant this fall for spring flowers to brighten our homes and lives. Thank y...
Holy Cat Whiskers is a 501-c3, non-profit organization funded only by donations and fundraisers. Every penny we receive goes back into our T-N-R program and running the Rescue. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of our supporters when we have these fundraisers. Please check out this fundraiser and shop away. We have been in business since 2005. Holy Cat Whiskers is a stray and feral rescue. We rehabilitate cats in a trap-...
Join Aunties Angels as we continue to spread the message of HOPE for a world without cancer. We will be bringing beauty to your flower beds as we raise money for the American Cancer Society. 50% of every dollar you spend on these beautiful blubs will be donated to the American Cancer Society Your donations are used towards programs that make a difference, from helping to provide rides to treatments, a manned 24/7 access support hel...
The memorial garden committee is excited to offer you an opportunity to support the FMC memorial garden’s development by purchasing premium bulbs with the proceeds going to our FMC memorial garden fund
We are a new support group to those individuals or families who are living with Tourette Syndrome. We are trying to raise funds so that we can hold events to help raise awareness throughout the state of Maine as well as support all of our families who are affected by this neurological disorder to the fullest extent.
Every year, the Middle Creek High school band participates in several competitions near and far. To help with the expenses for transportation, competition fees and instrument maintenance, the Band Boosters coordinate fundraisers to offset those costs.
We are wanting to creat a space that is special needs, child and elderly friendly were they can come and create and participate in art therapy. A counselor referred to our neighborhood as the forgotten area. We are in between 2 very large cities but there is nothing to offer with in reasonable driving distance for children and adults with special needs or the elderly to participate in creating with paints clay and other arts forms....
With Covid, many of our normal fundraising activities are not possible at this time. Our girls continue to enjoy many varied activities "together" while separate. We have our fingers crossed that we will be able to meet in person soon as well as to once again attend Grand Bethel. With that in mind, we need your support to fund these activities. Thank you for your order !!

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