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Request Catalogs for Your Group

To automatically book a group, send in a reservation and request Supplies from Flower Power:

  1. Call Mary, Customer Service; 1-888-833-1486 or email mary@flowerpowerfundraising.com to obtain your specific User Name and Password, then
  2. Sign-in and fill out the Supplies Request Form
  3. Standard delivery time is 7-10 business days.



Supplies consist of the following materials:


  1. catalog per team member
  2. two-part order form per team member
  3. collection envelope per team member
  4. chairperson's checklist
  5. master tally sheet
  6. pre-paid return envelope

                                                                                                                          Independent Rep Log-In



       Don't have your login info yet? Please email Mary at marketing@flowerpowerfundraising.com to obtain your User Name and Password

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