Spring Beauty Garden

35 Spring Beauty Garden

10 Negrita Triump Tulip

10 Negrita Triump Tulip

55 Rock Garden Delight

Bright colors from spring through summer will provide years of beautiful enjoyment. Planted in partial shade to full sun locations, these garden gems will brighten any yard. Can be grown individually in pots or containers or can be mixed within a rock garden or border for a spectacular display. 55 bulbs at a tremendously affordable price! this collection includes 15-Mixed Windflowers, 10-Striped Squill, 15-Drawf IrisĀ and 15-Glory of the Snow.

Contains the following items:

15 Mixed Windflowers
Zone 5-8 Height 2-6"
Full to Part Sun, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant

10 Striped Squills
Zone 3-9 Height 3-4"
Full to Part Sun, Deer Resistant

15 Dwarf Iris
Zone 3-8 Height 6-8"
Full to Part Sun

15 Glory of the Snow
Zone 3-9 Height 4-6"
Full Sun to Shade, Deer Resistant

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