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Planting Instructions by Flower Name

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Glory-of-the-Snow Mixture


  • Hardy Zones: 3-9
  • Spacing: 3-4"
  • Height: 4-8"
  • Ships As: package of 20 bulbs
  • Full Sun Full Sun
  • Partial Shade Partial Shade
  • Deer resistant Deer resistant
  • Fragrant Fragrant

Glory-of-the-Snow Mixture

Chionodoxa forbesii


Glory-of-the-Snow belong to the Lily family and are native to the mountains of southwestern Turkey. The botanical name says it all; ‘chion’ is Greek for snow, and ‘doxa’ means glory. They are one of the earliest blooming bulbs, often peaking through the receding snow cover. There are six species in the genus, all with thin, strappy leaves and clusters of star-shaped flowers. Our Glory-of-the-Snow Mixture will produce dense clusters of petite blue, pink and white blooms.


Plant the pointed end up, 2-3” deep and 3-4” apart. Choose a well-draining spot that receives full to partial sun. For best results, plant bulbs in groups of at least 15 bulbs. Glory-of-the-Snow will naturalize if conditions are right, spreading out over the area.


Feed the foliage after the plants have bloomed with a well-balanced fertilizer. Allow the strappy foliage to die back on its own, building energy reserves for next year’s blooms.

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