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Planting Instructions by Flower Name

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Blue Ocean Glory-of-the-Sun


  • Hardy Zones: 9-11
  • Spacing: 2"
  • Height: 12-18"
  • Blooms: mid to late summer
  • Full Sun Full Sun
  • Good for cutting Good for cutting

Blue Ocean Glory-of-the-Sun

Leucocoryne ixioides 'Blue Ocean'


Leucocoryne are in the Allium family and are native to the valleys of Chile’s coastal mountains. There are 12 species, most of which bloom in scented blue, white or lilac flowers. Blue Ocean Glory-of-the-Sun will send up clusters of sweetly scented, blue blossoms with white eyes, atop tall, wiry stems. The blooms attract butterflies and are long lasting in bouquets. The grass-like foliage will die back just prior to or during blooming.


Leucocoryne require full sun and well-draining soil. In the wild, they grow in sunny grasslands where they receive mild, rainy winters for blooming and a dry, dormant summer period. The bloom time will obviously be different in the U.S. Plant the corms 1-2" deep and 2" apart in well-draining soil in a sunny location. Water well.


Keep moist during the growth period. After blooming, allow the plants to go dormant and keep the soil on the dry side. If treating the bulbs as annuals, no maintenance is needed. If the bulbs have been overwintered, feed once when new growth appears with a well-balanced fertilizer.


Glory-of-the-Sun is only hardy in USDA zones 9-11. In colder areas, treat the bulbs as annuals or dig to over-winter inside. If keeping the bulbs, give them a dry, dormancy period after blooming. If planted in containers, you may over-winter the bulbs right in the same containers at 50-60°F in a dry area with good circulation. If dug from the ground, allow the bulbs to dry in a frost-free, dry area for a few days. Remove any foliage or excess soil and store in paper bags, also between 50-60°F.

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