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Planting Instructions by Flower Name

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Balloonflowers Mixture


  • Hardy Zones: 3-9
  • Spacing: 12-24"
  • Height: 24-36"
  • Blooms: Summer
  • Planting Depth: crown level with soil surface
  • Full Sun Full Sun
  • Partial Shade Partial Shade
  • Good for cutting Good for cutting
  • Deer resistant Deer resistant

Balloonflowers Mixture

Platycodon grandiflorus


Balloonflowers are in the Campanulaceae, or Bellflower, family and native to East Asia. They are very hardy plants and do not require much care.


Plant the crown, the place where the shoots and the roots meet, level with the soil surface, and 12-24” apart. Plant in a sunny area with well-drained soil. Growth is slow to emerge—have patience!


Pinch off faded flowers to prolong the bloom period. The plants may require a plant support when in full bloom. Balloonflowers may take a few years to become fully established. Once established, do not disturb unless dividing is necessary, as the roots resent disturbance.


Balloonflowers are quite hardy and will successfully survive the winter in zones 3-9. In colder areas, apply a protective layer of mulch.

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