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Flower Power Fundraising Spring 2014 Product Catalog
SMS Green Team

SMS Green Team Flower Drive

Our organization needs your help. For every purchase made on this site Flower Power Fundraising will give 50% back to SMS Green Team. Read through this page and see how you can help today!

A Personal Message from the Campaign Manager

Every year, SMS Green Team needs to raise money to purchase supplies to continue our efforts with recycling and gardening. To date, the team has recycled almost 600,000 bottles and cans from the school, collected almost 300 pounds of fruit and vegetable scraps to send to compost, grown and donated almost 200 pounds of produce to donate to families in need, participated in a dozen park clean-ups... the list goes on. FlowerPower offers a vibrant assortment of flowers, bulbs, plants and other resourceful items to make our world more GREEN! Please consider a purchase so that SMS Green Team can forge on in their mission to make the school, neighborhood, and planet a better place. THANK YOU!

  • Fundraiser Start Date: 01/19/2018
  • Fundraiser End Date: 02/28/2018
  • Days Remaining: 11
  • Fundraiser Goal: $2,000



So far we've earned:

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