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Flower Power Fundraising Spring 2014 Product Catalog
Illinois Birddog Rescue

Daisies for Daisy

Our organization needs your help. For every purchase made on this site Flower Power Fundraising will give 50% back to Illinois Birddog Rescue. Read through this page and see how you can help today!

A Personal Message from the Campaign Manager

Little Miss Daisy needs your help! Daisy is our sweet senior English Setter rescued with hours to spare from an over crowded shelter in Southern Indiana. She is dealing with some serious health issues including heartworm disease and Lyme disease. She is 38lbs of sweetness and will need a lot of supplies to help with her care. She has some terrible kidney damage and coughs a few times a day- but I am doing my best to make sure she is happy while in my care. We have an incredible soft spot for senior dogs with Illinois Birddog Rescue and we hope you will buy some beautiful flowers in honor of our precious Daisy.

  • Fundraiser Start Date: 04/04/2017
  • Fundraiser End Date: 05/01/2017
  • Days Remaining: 9
  • Fundraiser Goal: $500



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