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Van Bourgondien's Fundraising with Flowerbulbs Is Now Flower Power Fundraising

Flower Power Fundraising

Van Bourgondien's Fundraising with Flowerbulbs and www.dutchbulbs.com/fundraisers is now part of Flower Power, America's leading flower bulb fundraising company. This means your fundraising effort will be better than ever with top quality plants and bulbs, great profit, expert service from dedicated employee-owners, two distinct shipping options, and so much more.

As a special incentive for Van Bourgondien's customers we're offering you an additional 5% profit, 55% in total, just for giving us a try this season. Work with us on your next fundraiser and discover what thousands of other satisfied organizations already know, ¯Flower Power is an easy-to-execute, winning program!

Feel free to check out the site by clicking on any of the tabs above. If you would like to request additional information by mail click here, or call toll-free 877-246-1756 to speak with one of our fundraising experts today!

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